Inspirational Brushstrokes With Artist, Erin Bacchi

Plantiful Life Of Erin

 It has been an absolute pleasure interviewing the inspiring creative behind Plantiful Life Of Erin, Erin Bacchi.

An artist and graphic designer with a passion for Interior styling, who has gained a world of creative knowledge globally, working with local, national and multinational brands in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Erin Bacchi is a Sunshine Coast based artist with a deep love for designing 'feel good 'artwork that creates a sense of happiness and coastal vibes to any space, inspired by luxe coastal living, nature and her journey through motherhood.



 Tell us a bit about yourself

 I’m Erin Bacchi, an artist from the Sunshine Coast.

Art has always been my favourite pastime, ever since I could hold a paintbrush. Growing up in a small town on the Fraser Coast, I spent my days creating colourful projects with my trusty tool kit of pencils, crayons, paints & hobby glue.

With an ambition to pursue a career in art and design, I spread my wings after I finished high school and relocated to the Sunshine Coast, where I completed a bachelors degree in Computer Based Art and Design, Advertising and Communications. Since graduating from university in 2009, I have gained a world of knowledge and insight into graphic design, digital design and communication whilst working with local, national and multinational brands in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada.

My career over the past 12 years has mainly been focused on Graphic Design, however I’ve always found time to paint and share my artwork in my spare time.

At the end of 2018 I became a mother to the most beautiful little boy who continues to fill my heart with so much love. I took a break from painting until he reached 18 months, then I started to find my creative vibe again. I launched my website in October, 2020 and I’ve been enjoying the flexibility of growing my art business around my family time and commitments.

We built a house which we moved into in April this year, so I’ve been absolutely loving the styling journey and piecing it all together.

Three words to best describe yourself

Creative, Passionate, Determined 



Your favourite Paradise Road pillowcase set and why ?

It was such a hard choice to decide on a favorite Paradise Road pillowcase set, however my heart pointed me towards the Honey Flame design.

The colours in this gorgeous print sang to me and I knew that they would look right at home in my master bedroom. 

You are a talented artist and stylist– Whats your source of inspiration?

Every experience of my life has shaped the way I create, the way I paint and the way I live.

The majority of my 20s were spent living and working abroad. I’ve travelled to 21 countries, so you’ll often find a glimpse of the world through my paintings. Whether it’s an archway inspired by Morocco or a palm tree inspired by a Sardinian sunset, my subconscious is filled with dreamy memories from my adventures which often come out when I’m holding a paint brush.

My latest style that I’ve been working with over the past year has been influenced by my journey through early motherhood. Since becoming a mother, I began painting gentle elements and organic shapes within my designs, using light and calm colours that create an earthy feel.  



  How would you describe your art style and process?

I create art that breaths boho and coastal luxe. I’m so in love with these styles at the moment and wanted to create art that I would enjoy having on my own walls.

If I finish a design that I wouldn’t be proud to hang in my home, it usually doesn’t make it into the public eye. My designs are painted using watercolour and gouache on watercolour paper. Sometimes I spend time drafting up my ideas, and other times I just pick up a paintbrush and see where it takes me.

Art is my meditation, and as a busy mum, I find it’s a really therapeutic way to unwind and recharge my batteries.

 How have your travels around the globe influenced your designs?

Prior to my time living in London in 2012, I was only painting art for my own walls and as gifts for family and friends.

When I returned from living in London my mind was bursting with ideas. It was at this time that I began posting my art on Instagram, which led me to selling my designs and taking on painting commission requests.

When starting out my art brand was called ‘Deer Pineapple’, as these were 2 things I loved painting at that time. When I moved to Nelson, BC, Canada, I began painting bears, they sold really well in this part of the world.

I’ve adapted my art and my style over the years depending on my surroundings. My current style reflects the place I am in my life right now; at home on the Sunshine Coast, nurturing a little human, contentness, joy, simplicity – enjoying all the little things in life. 



Your favourite space in the home to style?

This is a really great question, and one I don’t have a direct answer for. We moved into our brand new home sweet home in April, 2021, and I have been absolutely loving my styling journey.

With a passion for travel and the current global situation keeping us at home, I’ve been really trying to create a sense of joy and paradise within our home as this is where we spend most of our time at the moment.

As a mum I spend a lot of my time in the the kitchen and living area with my toddler, so I’ve created a feature of my latest print collection and styled these areas around the tones in my art. I’ve kept the base furniture in all of my rooms quite neutral, so when I mix up my artwork, I can easily change the décor to match (ie change the orange cusions for cushions that match my next art choice for the space). 



 Your three top tips for styling vibrant and patterned bedding, like Paradise Road with unique artworks like yours?

I’ve styled my ‘Honey Flame’ pillowcases into our master bedroom with 2 of my abstract designs, ‘Fizzy Sherbet’ and ‘Chai River’ in A3.

I chose these 2 designs because they feature similar colour tones of pinks, browns and golds. This combination works because the décor and bedding is light and neutral, allowing the bold pillowcases and the artwork to complement each other and stand out as a feature.

I absolutely love a pop of colour in my bedroom to add character.

What are some ways to style and create a sense of paradise in the bedroom?

We spend a lot of our time in our bedrooms. As such a personal space, I think it’s important to design your bedroom to best suit your own individual style. 

For me, I like our bedroom to be a calm and relaxing place, somewhere to unwind after a long day, or somewhere to escape to during the day for a little recharge time. So that means no TV and very minimal décor, giving our minds a chance to switch off rather than being stimulated by a screen or too much clutter.

Things that I feel are essential when styling a bedroom

1) A neat bed frame (minimal, not too bulky) + comfortable mattress
2) A large rug to sit under the bed – this ties the room together
3) Side tables – a practical space to keep drinks, books and other items that help create the vibe you are aiming for; like a beautiful vase or candle. Try to style your side table by grouping items in 3.
4) Bedding – I think it’s nice to have a few different coloured quilts and sheet sets, but I always like to ensure my sheets and quilts will work in a mix and match way. That way I can style my bedroom a little differently each time I remake my bed.
4) Pillows – I love lots of pillows, in all different sizes. To me they create a soft feeling in the room, and I think it’s great to have extra pillows to lean against while reading or relaxing.
5) Artwork – I hang my artwork above my bed. I like to change my artwork up often in this space to keep things feeling new and fresh. If you love a variety or artists work and can’t choose what designs you like best, remember art doesn’t have to be a permeant thing. Buy your frames, say they are A3, then keep that size in mind when you buy your art.

Keep it in a folder somewhere safe and cycle through your art as you change up your room / décor, just take your frame off the wall and pop in your other art designs.


Thank you for reading. We hope you are feeling inspired to be creative, art nurtures the soul and gives your home a uniqueness that tells a story about you. 

Explore your own creativity, art can flow from you and be expressed in many ways, and in any medium. It could be relaxing in nature with a pencil and art pad in hand, or simply daydreaming under a palm tree to the sound of the ocean, visualising your dream bedroom.

Learn more and follow Erin's journey over on her Instagram.

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