'Art For Your Bed' - Mehera's Top 10 Bedroom Styling Tips

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Our bedroom is one of our most personal spaces in our home, for a space that we spend one-third of our life in, it is important to decorate it in the way that reflects your needs, style, and what brings you joy and relaxation.

I have curated some simple bedroom styling ideas that will deliver on character and personality for a dreamy sanctuary, and how to make your bed the centre of attention with patterned bedding like Paradise Road's, being an artwork in itself for your bedroom.

I have curated some simple bedroom styling ideas that will deliver on character and personality for a dreamy sanctuary, and how to make your bed the centre of attention with patterned bedding like Paradise Road's, being an artwork in itself for your bedroom.

The ‘Aqua Tropics’ Queen duvet cover and pillowcase set leaf print is framed in Paradise Road’s Arlia bedding design, featuring a soft slim white cotton border on each pillowcase set and a wider soft cotton top panel for the duvet cover, creating balance and aesthetic. The duvet cover is finished with our signature natural coconut shell buttons.

Our bedding is designed to be non-seasonal,  a perfect addition to your bedroom that can simply be a beautiful coverlet in the warmer months or inserted with a light blanket or duvet for the cooler seasons. 



'Art For Your Bed' - Mehera’s Top 10 Bedroom Styling Tips

   1. Make your bed the centre of attention 

 Paradise Road bedlinen is designed to be the centre of attention in your bedroom, like a loved artwork on your wall or a statement rug on your floor. 

Your bedroom artwork is the striking bedding print. Our bedlinen showcases and frames each textiles unique beauty and aesthetic of craftsmanship, colour palette and cultural print story.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is inspired by global travel and our paradise landscapes. 

Place your bed with your Paradise Road bedding set as centre stage in your bedroom, have fun styling, coordinating your furnishings, throws, pillows, lighting and other special details to complement, making your bedroom space truly yours with character.


    2. Create a focal point with a statement bedding set

We no longer need artwork in bedrooms when we can have a beautiful bedding set designed in refined detail or simple print, within a striking colour palette, this is the artwork in itself, I call it,

'Art For Your Bed'. 

Paradise Road bedding has a story to tell through it’s prints cultural origin, and is strongly rooted in colour psychology.

Placing our bedding at the centre of your bedroom, is like viewing an artwork hanging in an art gallery, each piece inhabits a story with a distinct decorative style and colour palette that you feel connected to, through your own narrative of reflective and evoked memories.

For example as a canvas, the ‘Aqua Tropics print is layered with a rich plum watercolour natural dye base, onto 100% soft cotton sourced from a rural Javanese cotton mill supporting local producers. This warming tone gives a luxurious base colour for contrasting hints of aqua and lilac in a hand crafted copper-block tropical fern - palm leaf pattern. 

Each leaf is individually hand-printed to reflect leaves in tranquility wavering in a soft breeze on a tropical sandy aqua shoreline.

A beautiful memory of relaxation, I'm sure we have all shared at one time in our life.


 3. Choose colours your are drawn too and evoke a particular feeling, mood and atmosphere.

My bedding designs are grounded in colour psychology and profound cultural meaning.

I always ask customers, "what colours do you love and make you feel a particular way ?", this is your starting point when choosing your Paradise Road bedding set. 

Next is the print, "what is your bedroom theme or style you are wanting to create?, What is the character and atmosphere you are wanting to feel and create in your space?",

Tropical, tranquil, simplicity, exotic, connected to nature, sophisticated……..

Print has the power to evoke strong sensory memories to help you to achieve your bedrooms unique style and story that is connected to you.

All our prints have meanings and a story to share, so instinctively and intuitively you are being drawn to what you love and feel through the textiles pattern, meaning and colour.

For example, our lovely 'Aqua Tropics' duvet cover and pillowcase set colour palette of deep plum with aqua highlights is connected to royalty, mystery and luxurious warmth. Aqua inspires wisdom, peace, balance and tranquility.

Tropical leaves are emblematic of eternal youth and family.

For me, if I was to walk into my bedroom day or night knowing that this is what my bedding artwork meant,

I would dream peacefully every night with a happy heart.

 4. Ditch the beige and sand palette and inject some personality into your bedroom

We have all lived with the beige - sand palette and how to style and decorate your bedroom forever now, it’s time to change it up and inject some personality into your bedroom, that is a unique reflection of you and embraces beautiful details you love.

Pick a bold statement design that makes the bed the focal point then build up the theme around the bedding design. Every moment in your new found space will bring you joy.

For example, our 'Aqua Tropics' bedding design with its subtle palm leaf print pairs beautifully with gorgeous greenery and leaf contours in a bedside table vase or planter, then infuse your bedroom surrounds with small decor pieces in a complementing colour scheme to add character and style.


 5. Choose a complementing colour scheme in artworks and books

Choose simple artworks and books that transport you into happy thought and relaxation, and don't compete with your bedding pattern. Your artworks and books should softly silhouette and harmonise with your bedding patterns stylistic elements and colours.

For me, it is a must having art books on hand on my bedside table that I love to glance over at leisure, to ignite my imaginations flow of ideas for new bedding designs.

I mix my art books up regularly to keep my ideas fresh.


 6. Add character with antique or vintage finds

I have always had a passion for collecting particular one-off pieces from places I have travelled to in the world. I love to bring special little memoirs of my travel experiences of culture, people and places into my home.

They keep me feeling eternally young, inspired and curious.

Curate your bedroom space with your unique treasures, they will bring a real sense of depth, happiness, personality and soul into your bedroom, and will also ignite your memory of the special places you have travelled to with your lover, friends, or family. 

There is no greater relaxation than in contemplation.


 7. Keep textures neutral, natural and cosy

When working with strong bedding colours and patterns like the 'Aqua Tropics' bedding set, you still need to maintain a comfy and cosy space in balance.

Keep your bed as the main feature with soft lighting and introduce neutral and natural elements in wood, rattan, bamboo and greenery, layered textures in pillows, throws, and blankets on the bed and introduce a soft underfoot cushioned weave in the winter, to highlight the space and bring warmth and cosiness.

Creating a clutter free, calm and beautiful bedroom where we can retreat and sleep well is key.


 8. Add greenery to accentuate bedding prints and bring relaxation

Many studies have shown that having plants in your bedroom and home, enhances creativity, increases positivity and lowers stress, they also add beauty to your room.

As many of our bedding prints are inspired by and reflect our global paradise landscapes, plants and flowers, I always like to add plants into my bedroom styling to complement the featured bedding theme.

Try mixing up the size of plants and experiment with them at different levels in contrasting vessels to bring the beddings natural print quality alive cohesively. 

I love to find plants or leaves from my own sub-tropical garden to style my bedding with, as this is a reflection of my own paradise home. Our purple ginger berry was flowering when I styled the 'Aqua Tropics' duvet set, which I feel gives a simple and soft complementing warm purple flower highlight and tropical green leaf, against a rich plum bedding palette with hints of aqua. 

Bangalow palms are abundant in my garden and perfectly silhouette any of our tropical themed bedding prints with simplicity and grace.


  9. Good quality bedlinen

With bedlinen, you do get what you pay for, it is important to invest in quality bedlinen that is multi functional and I feel gives purpose to your space.

Paradise Road bedding is an investment in purpose, rarity, and quality.

Each bedding design showcases the uniqueness of one-of-a-kind textiles, designed or sourced from global artisans. Each piece is individually and meticulously hand-tailored by our highly skilled family of tailors, using the finest quality cotton and silk textiles, utilising natural dyes and ancient print methods.

All our bedding will give purpose to your life and bedroom through its intrinsic cultural stories and craftsmanship, through design, print, colour and connectedness to nature.

Each bedding piece is treated as an artwork in itself, it is 'Art For Your Bed'.


 10. Your dream sleep with 'Aqua Tropics'

"Quintessential dreamy island print of 'Aqua Tropics' duvet cover and 2 pillowcase set, will softly drift your dreams through the winter months with the warmth of plum tones, lift your spirits into Springs sunlit leaves in mediation, and in kind gently glide your thoughts into the summer months with soft aqua tinges,

reminiscent of a tropical sandy aqua shoreline"

Sleep well

Love Mehera

 | Paradise Road Bedding Founder |

Thank-you for reading. Have a question? E-mail us or get in touch over Instagram @paradiseroadbyronbay 






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