Our Tips to Styling Your Bedroom with the Ancient Paisley Motif of Persia


 We are all familiar with the paisley teardrop pattern, as one of the most prominent textile symbols of all time in Eastern and Western cultures.

We have all been beheld to Paisley in one way or another in our lives, whether in the form of a Persian carpet, depicted in an artwork, as an iconic symbol of the 'Psychedelic' and ‘Summer of Love’ era of the 60’s, popularised by the Beatles, represented in mainstream British fashion, in the form of ties, shirts, dresses, waistcoats and the beautiful intricately woven shawls of India and Kashmir.
However, where did the paisley symbol originate ? 
The Paisley teardrop shaped motif with a curved upper-end was thought to be of ancient Persian (now Iran) origin from 559 B.C.E. to 331 B.C.E.
It was known as the Boteh Jehgeh, translating as the pine and cone design, in English as paisley. The design represented a cypress tree with a floral spray, symbolising long life and eternity and was one of the most highly regarded ornamental symbols in the myths and beliefs of the Zoroastrians, the ancient religion of the Persians.
 The paisley design wove its way into Kashmiri and Indian textiles in the form of shawls in the 1400's and 1500’s, although In India the design is more known as a mango or cashew fruit design.
Later in the 18th and 19th centuries, the East India Company introduced Kashmiri shawls from India to England and Scotland, where they were duplicated and then imitated for the first time in the West in a Scottish town called Paisley, Europes top textile producer at the time. 
Thus its English name, Paisley was born and positioned it as a highly desirable fashion symbol and textile commodity. The paisley motif has been applied to nearly every type of textile and surface in the West, from clothing, architecture, interior design, jewellery, art, shoes, phone covers and bandanas, to become one of the most iconic symbols of all time.
At Paradise Road, we have adopted this ancient Persian design into our one-of-a-kind pillowcase sets, called ‘Paisley Persiana’ and ‘Paisley Crush'
Our team would like to share with you some of their top tips for styling your bedroom with our paisley pillowcase sets,
creating a timeless sanctuary connected to the ancient textile past.


Mehera's styling tips - 'Paisley Persiana' pillowcase set

"I have always had an affection for the paisley pattern, it mainly came from my travels in India with my family as a young girl at the age of 12, purchasing an Indian paisley shawl or 2 was part of the exotic journey. Although at the time I did not understand it's historical and cultural significance, I was drawn to it's ornamental textile beauty". Mehera - Paradise Road Founder

The 'Paisley Persiana' pillowcase set is a stylised copper-block print design adaption of the more intricate paisley teardrop shaped motifs of Persian and Indian designs.

The copper-block pattern was printed in a classic red to connect paisley to modern day, like the bandana. It was printed onto 100 % soft Javanese cotton, layered with a sandy toned watercolour palette, drawing on the more natural paisley colour range of Persian times. 

My top tips for styling the 'Paisley Persiana' pillowcase set 

1. Contrast the strong paisley red print with clean white bedlinen, I like Sheet Society's white Eve French flax linen organic sheets and standard pillows to prop behind the pattern. This will push the pattern forward and create a soft patterned statement in your bedroom. 

2. Add warm neutral colours in throws, in wool, cotton or bamboo and textures like rattan or bamboo for a natural bedroom feel. These natural tones will complement and blend the sandy watercolour layering and warming red paisley pattern cohesively. 

3. I am an art history and interior design lover, so introducing these styled books on my bedside table are a must. 

For me it is my meditation, I always like to feel inspired creatively and connected historically to the world and that we are not seperate.

As the paisley motif is connected to ancient history, as a prominent artistic and iconic design, having books that are steeped in history, art and interiors keep the presence and antiquity of this design alive, and as a reminder of its importance, past and present. 

Choose book binder colours that complement your bed and pillowcase colour palette, books are beautiful.

4. Australian natives are all around me in my home in Byron Bay, you can always find complementing colours and shapes in nature that will integrate your bedding patterns with ease and add calm character and scents to your bedroom and a connectedness to nature.

5. Place your 'natures garden' in a simple white or neutral textured vase that emulates the paisley teardrop form, this will give a silhouetted feminine softness to your paisley patterned pillowcase set and space. 

Jasmine, our wonderful Social Media Manager shares her connection to paisley
since she was young girl and her top bedroom styling tips for our 'Paisley Crush' design in soft silk cotton.
To inspire you to reach into your past friendship with paisley and bring it into your present bedroom space in happy remembrance.  


Jasmine's styling tips - 'Paisley Crush' pillowcase set 

"Paisley is such an iconic print in my mind. One of my favourite tops growing up was a lilac paisley print. It had the finest lines and delicate flowers mixed into the print. I remember tracing them with my finger with wonder, when it was gifted to me. I wore it everywhere, admittedly even after I’d outgrown it".
Jasmine Ford - Social Media Manager
Since joining the Paradise Road team, being able to connect patterns to cultures, times and places, created a whole new world of imagination for me, which is no wonder my 'Paisley Crush' pillowcase set has made a permanent fixture on my bed. 
When it comes to style, I love to keep my bedroom space neutral and clutter free. After a long day I like to come into a calming space that helps me to unwind and disconnect from work and technology. 
My top tips for styling the 'Paisley Crush' pillowcase set 
  1. Fall in love with the colours and pattern. Each paisley print is unique. They can be busy and bright or minimalistic and muted. Consider any of your more permanent room fixtures like paintings, bed heads etc. Imagine how your new paisley print will feel styled with these items. 

2. Style your print as the feature on your bed. I am not a fan of throw cushions so my paisley print pillowcase set is the decorative element of my space.

3. Style with neutral or similar colours to your print, as I mentioned in tip one, falling in love with the colours and pattern is key.

Don’t pull away from this by adding opposing hues. In my case I have three pillows, 1 to match my duvet cover and 1 to tie in the colours of my paisley print pillowcase set. 

4. Select luxurious fabrics that make your bed feel like paradise.

I pair my paisley print pillowcase set with a pillowcase set from Cultiver Linen that is linen on one side and silk on the other, giving an absolutely divine feeling when I’m drifting off to sleep.

5. When it comes to styling my bedroom - my bedside table is a constant rotation of trinkets, books, tinctures and body oils. I always leave room for a tea cup.

I suggest styling with things that feel personal and draw you back to your inner self and encourage self care and self love.

The Boteh Jehgeh - Paisley has become a timeless timekeeper within textile design history,

a rare pattern treasure that has the innateness to connect the past and the present inseparably.

Paisley has journeyed from Ancient Persia, across continents with its woven thread and imprinted itself upon western societies creative landscape. 

Our paisley pillowcase sets are a

salute to the Paisley designs endurance as an iconic textile symbol.

Love and Enjoy, Mehera and Jasmine

Discover our 'Paisley Persiana' pillowcase set

Top left image credit: 1845 Scotland / Alexander Poole, 6th Blandford shawl / 6 /

Top right image credit: Mid 19th century / Mitte 19.Jh. / Milieu XIX es, Scotland.

Book Reference: Giftwraps by Artists - Paisley. Geschenkpapier Von Kunstlerhand. Copyright 1988, Joost Elffers

Centre swatch - Paradise Road one-of-a-kind 'Paisley Persiana' print pattern


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