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Today a happy golden glow resides within me, as I introduce myself to you and share with you my love story behind my brand Paradise Road, globally inspired luxurious bedding. 

My name is Mehera, I’m the creative director and founder of Paradise Road, Byron Bay. I’ll give you some insight into what has inspired the Paradise Road brand and how my love of cultural textiles, colour, pattern, design and travel is the intrinsic essence of my exotic bedding.

 Inspiring undeniable thought……

 As a child my bedroom was a shrine, not in the religious sense, but a sacred place for my heart’s adoration for beautification.

Every inch festooned with colour and decorative adornment. Draped fabrics, billowing scarves, clothes composed of every textile suspended from a cast iron ceiling rack, woven bedspreads, ornamental lamps and sculptures, vintage artworks and yes there were practical furniture pieces, all antiques. I was the daughter of an antique dealer you see!

At the centre of my shrine was a small artwork, quoting:


My Father gave this piece to me in silence one ordinary afternoon. I pondered these mysterious words, like a puzzle for hours, months and years.

What did it mean ?

Finally I asked my Father what it meant, in an insightful tone he replied, ‘Darling Mehera, you are living it, you are a creator, look around you”. 

I had awakened from a dream and an innate light ignited within me. I began living this truth within myself as a mantra, “I am a creator of beauty, through colour and textiles:”.

 'I Create, Therefore I Am', Paradise Road

  The belief in myself as a creator forged my bedding brand, Paradise Road.  


Tell us a bit about yourself.

 I was born in Balmain, Sydney, we lived in a cute little terrace house on Isabella street. Balmain was a visionary place at the time for the creative, experimental and spiritual life. My parents owned a Indian fashion and handicraft store called East-West Bazaar. My Mother would keep me in a bassinet in the change room and then bring me out to lie on the store floor. My surroundings were impactful; beautiful fabrics, vibrant colours and Indian artefacts. My love of textiles, colour and patterns came from these early days and continued to grow deeper as I got older. 

At the age of three we moved to the Sunshine Coast where my parents established an antique business called The Woombye Trader Antiques. Many of the antiques, Persian carpets, wall hangings and tapestries made their way into our home. I would stare at these everyday, taking in their profound intricate patterns, colours and woven stories. I felt that my young life was all about details and composition, I was intrigued by it.

I always knew I was creative and I was driven by these innate elements that I loved, but my path was not clear and often frustrating. I didn’t  know how to apply the things that I loved to a career and where or how to find it. I remember my Mother saying to me, “ Maybe your path, Mehera, is a little obscure and you need to look in unusual places”. Hmmm ok, thanks mum! 

I moved to London in my early 20’s, my creativity started to take form. I’d spend hours in art book stores raking through art history and industry books. I applied to Art School, much to my amazement I was accepted. Art School was a game changer, as the creative world opened up. It was here that I studied the history of art and textiles, and design, I was surrounded by designers and extraordinary creatives who inspired me! What was I to create and design?

My life changed forever from those remarkable inventive days. I am eternally thankful for the incredible opportunities and experiences that guided me to where I am today, allowing me to bring to life my mantra: “I am a creator of beauty through colour and textiles!”

  Three words to best describe yourself

Creator, nurturer, inspired 



How did you combine your passion for textiles and travel into your home décor business Paradise Road Bedding, What’s your source of purpose and inspiration?

Bringing beauty into people’s lives is intrinsic to Paradise Road Bedding. 

Paradise Road’s principle nature is to enrich people’s lives through colour, pattern, and design. Paradise Road’s exotic bedding evokes travel, culture, sophistication and adventure.

I have always loved unusual bedding and collecting textiles from places I have travelled to around the world. A treasure I could fit into my suitcase, that told a story and connected me to a profound memory of a country, culture, people, and landscape.

I am inspired by the intricacies of global cultures, artisan textile crafts and techniques, handed down through generations of wisdom, representing their cultural, historical and natural landscapes. It is my challenge to assist with preserving these ancient textile crafts and educating people through my bedding compositions of each textiles uniqueness and symbolic placement. Each fabric is an artwork for your bed to be cherished and adored. 

Most importantly, I want my bedding to move people, to evoke a sensory experience within them through colour, pattern, storytelling, travel, memory and nature. Your bedroom sanctuary is your most private space, a spiritual zone of inner self expression, Paradise Road provides one off bedding pieces to make this special space uniquely yours.



Arlia design composition: Duvet - wide white border, Pillowcase - slim white border / Nadja design composition: Duvet - slim white border, Pillowcase - slim white border.  Below right: Pillowcase set - hand copper-block print technique and design - 'Plum Sunflower'.


What is the inspiration behind your designs, products and collections? 

I design one-of-a-kind luxurious heirloom bedding that speaks to and is inspired by global places, cultures, stories and natural beauty. This is reflected in the rich colours, unique patterns and textile techniques within the bedding. 

I see each bedding set as a design composition, like an artwork for your bed, each being a rare treasure that evokes something within you. I custom design and hand-select each textile individually for its colour, pattern and cultural crafted quality. One-of-a-kind fabrics are set into a design composition to feature its unique beauty.

I designed 5 bedding compositions that a particular textile can fit into, the textile dictates the composition that best translates its artistry.

The 5 design compositions being Midnight Moon, Nadja, Arlia, Oasis and Dreamy.

At present I design duvet cover and pillowcase sets and pillowcase separates. My number one priority is my customers and how they feel. I give everyone a unique bedding experience, a personal response to colour, pattern and textiles.

Every collection is influenced by an aspect of our natural world's paradise landscapes, brimming with colour, pattern, repetition, textures, smell and tranquility.

My pieces transport you to exotic destinations, and create a sense of paradise in your own home, like being on a holiday or a retreat.

Living Mantra 

My mantra has evolved intensely within me through Paradise Road's development and peacefully resides within me now as an adult:

'I Create, Therefore I Am' 

A creator of beautiful unique bedding, inspired by colour and global textile artistry.

It has been my absolute joy sharing with you and enriching your life with the beauty of luxurious bedding textiles, colour, pattern, design and evoking your happy memories of travel with deep sensory connections through these elements.


We hope you are feeling inspired by our story. Thank you for reading and coming on this extraordinary journey with me.

Please stay tuned for PART 2, where I will give you insight into our production process and our wonderful tailoring familiies story.

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