Artist Lauren Roth, Captivates Us With The Beauty Of The Hawaiian Islands

Lauren Roth Art

 It has been an absolute pleasure interviewing the artist and designer behind the unique artworks that capture the beauty of the Hawaiin islands,
Lauren Roth.

Lauren Roth is an inspirational painter, illustrator and designer with a deep love and connection to the natural landscape and vibrancy of her home-land in Hawaii, the beautiful Island of O’ahu. 

Lauren majored in Illustration and Art History at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, USA and since graduating in 2007, Lauren has led a prolific career showcasing her striking artworks in a multitude of global arenas and has collaborated with many top brands such as Rip Curl, Hermes, Nautica, Hydro Flask, and Pilot Pen. 

Although Lauren Roth's Art has become her business, it is above all her innate passion and expression of herself and her surroundings.

 Lauren's unique colour compositions of watercolour, acrylic, and ink radiate the beauty of the Hawaiin islands; turquoise oceans, blossoming flowers, swaying palm trees, sea life, exotic birds and majestic mountains.

Each design is a one-of-a-kind original print that will uplift any space, bringing happy tropical island vibes and a smile to your heart.

 We share with you Lauren's creative journey as an artist and designer and the beauty she brings into the world.




Tell us a bit about yourself

Aloha! My name is Lauren Roth, I am an artist, creative and gallery owner (wife and mama too!).

I grew up in Northern New Jersey, USA and moved to Oahu, Hawaii a little over 12 years ago with my now husband. I left my job as an artist for Whole Foods Market in 2012 to pursue my art full time.

We live on the East side of the Oahu Island in a small beach town called Kailua, which is where we opened our gallery 4 years ago. I have always been an artist, it is a part of me and that I was born with, it is something that I have focused on and nurtured throughout my whole life.

I went to the Savannah College of Art and Design and majored in Illustration and Art History. Since graduating in 2007 I have shown my work in coffee shops, festivals, magazines and galleries. I have also worked and collaborated with brands such as RipCurl, Hermes, Nautica, Hydroflask, Pilot Pen among others.

Although art has become my business it is still my passion. I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place that offers endless inspiration, and for all the amazing people I have met through my art. 

 Three words to best describe yourself

Caring, Meticulous, Explorer




You are a talented artist and designer - What’s your source of inspiration for your designs?

I am heavily influenced by my surroundings and emotions. I pay a lot of attention to and notice the little details in everything, finding inspiration everywhere and because of that it is ever changing.

Since moving to Hawaii my main focus has been tropical florals, the ocean, rainbows, palms trees, mountains, all of which are present in my most recent painting and textiles. I don’t really have a style or subject matter that I stick to, I like to let my art and designs be free and take form by whatever I am inspired by, which can strike me in any place at any time.

I spend a lot of time outside and in nature with my thoughts, camera and sketchbook. They are both full of pictures, notes and drawings that have sparked inspiration.

I reference them anytime I am in the studio. 




Your favourite Paradise Road Hawaii inspired bedding set and why ?

I absolutely love hibiscus and often incorporate them into my floral designs, so the Paradise Road Hawaii Island Collection really speaks to me, and more specifically the 

Hawaii Hibiscus pattern!

The Hibiscus trees are present all around Hawaii and in different colors. It’s very special when you see them because they are so delicate and don’t last very long once in bloom.

With a gorgeous pillowcase set like this, you can enjoy them all day and night long.  




What are the most important elements of your artworks to you ?

More than anything, I love the basic act of creating.

My hands and mind are in constant motion even when I am not “working”, they are thinking and making. I can get lost in my work for hours, just letting my heart and hands do what they want to do.

It always amazes me how simple abstract strikes of colors and lines can create something beautiful. Even though my hands are doing the work, it still seems like a concept that is outside of me.  



What are your top tips for styling your artworks in the home? 

I would really just say, do what you love and what’s going to make you happy!

Your home should be a place that brings you peace and joy.

I wouldn’t worry about sticking to certain trends or styles…just make it you! 

  Your favourite space in the home to style?

Recently, it was our nursery. We just had our first baby, and it was so much fun putting together his room.

We incorporated a little bit of everything with the decor, including older pieces with family significance and newly created art that was inspired by our newest edition to the family. 



 How would you describe your creative process?

My creations and designs stem from an expression of myself and my surroundings.

I always carry my sketchbook with me to catalog the inspirations of my world around me. Almost every piece of my work can be traced back to a page in my sketchbook. Sometimes, I’ll grab one of my older books and flip through, instantly taking me to the time and place of the creation.

It’s those feelings that spark the start of my collections and series of pieces. Sometimes they come faster than others depending on how heavy the influence is and how much I need to get the vision out of my head and onto the paper so to speak. 

I have posted a few behind the scenes reels of my creative process on instagram, which give a little more detailed look into my creative process and how I work.




 Your three top styling tips for styling Paradise Road’s one of a kind bedding prints with unique one of a kind artworks like yours?

Keep it simple, keep it you and make sure you love it!

When planning and putting all the pieces together, there is a certain amount of finesse that goes into it.

In putting those finishing touches on the room, make sure it makes you feel happy and at peace. 

What are some ways to style and create a sense of Hawaiian paradise vibes and relaxation in the bedroom ? 

Ocean waves are a perfect compliment for relaxation.

Whether it’s a bigger piece of fine art, or a small accent piece. I think it’s helpful to have something representing water in the bedroom. 



What is the significance of the hibiscus flower in Hawaii and why is it such a prolific motif in Hawaiian artworks ?

There are many reasons and a lot of cultural significance to why the hibiscus is such a special flower in Hawaii, which is why it is so present in Hawaiian art and products.

The reason it shows up so much in my work is because of the beauty and fragility of the flower.

I mentioned above that Hibiscus trees are present all around Hawaii and in different colors. While the tree itself is very sturdy, the florals are incredibly delicate, they only bloom for a day.

Their beauty is incredible but fleeting. I like to try and capture that beauty and preserve it forever in my creations.

Where do you currently exhibit and sell your artworks and prints? 

My art is available at my Art Gallery in Kailua “Lauren Roth Art”@laurenrothartboutique and also on my web shop

I post regularly to my social media @laurenrothart. It also can be found in and around many boutiques and galleries throughout the Hawaiian Islands, you can find an entire list on my website!

I also have a branch in Japan which can be found @laurenroth_japan 


Thank you for reading Lauren's extraordinary creative journey.

And that you have been transported to a world of ease with Lauren's beautiful creations, where the palm trees sway softly to the lapping turquoise ocean, the birds sing joyously, the flowers bloom vibrantly and the mountains float majestically; all in harmony bathed in luminous colour, emotion and a deep connectedness to the Hawaain Islands.

Lauren Roth's Art captivates the essence and beauty of her beautiful home and her artworks are a smiling gift to any space.

We hope you feel inspired to take a brush to paper in an expression of your own natural surroundings, each stroke filling your heart with joy.

 Learn more and follow Lauren's journey over on her Instagram.



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