Travel Memoirs of Tahnee Pinches




 Meet Tahnee Pinches, avid traveller and holistic health advocate.

Her passion for adventure and wellbeing is inspirational and we have absolutely loved getting to know her better.

Tahnee has travelled to some unique places in the world and is now based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland.

She shares her inspiration and memories from the road less travelled. 


Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm an adventure-hungry girl who loves life and is just here to explore the world and make as much of a positive impact on both peoples lives and the planet that I can.

I have a passion for holistic health and I am fortunate enough to run my own business that promotes both health and freedom.

I feel beyond grateful that I get to do something I love and that allows me to create the life I want on my own terms. I'm a bit of a rebel at heart and hate being confined to constructs.

I have a huge heart and hope to be open and to share some of that love with everyone I meet.

Three words to best describe yourself

Happy, kind, adventurous. 



 Your favourite Paradise Road bedding set?

My Favourite Paradise Road bedding set is the Dragon Lotus.

Orange is one of my favourite colours, its a super happy colour. I love the unique patterns, it reminds me a lot of the textiles in Indonesia, so it adds a little bit of that feeling to my room.



 You are an avid traveller – whats your source of inspiration for travel?

To be honest, my source of inspiration comes from everything.

I fall deeply in love with natural landscapes, raging mountains, turquoise seas, endless forests, but I am also strongly drawn to unique cultures that are vastly different from my own.

Whats your favourite culture to experience?

I'm hopeless at picking favourites, I find beauty in all of them.

I particularly love the warmth of the Balinese people, the vibrancy and deep connection to family in Mexican cultures, and I love the indigenous Hawaiians, with a strong rooted connection to their land.

Each culture is so beautiful in its own unique way and I find myself drawn to them for their own reasons.



Your favourite place youve been to?

Again, so hard to pick a favourite, but If I had to I would have to say Mexico, the snowy mountain landscapes of Canada, and Hawaii are definitely some of my favourites.

 A memorable experience from a road less travelled?

Memorable experiences have always been closely linked with the people weve met through our travels. I have made some of my best friends from all corners of the world.

We all love travelling to find paradise, but what are some ways you bring a sense of paradise into your home?

I've always collected small pieces to remind me of places I love, whether it be a shell or a painting from a local artist, I have countless objects from all different places of the world carefully placed in my home.  

Each with a beautiful tale and meaning behind it.   



  Thank you for reading. We hope you are feeling inspired to get outside and explore the natural beauty around you.

Paradise can be found somewhere as simple as your backyard. Spend time appreciating the ancient trees, the mesmerising clouds, or the warmth and energy of the sun.

Learn more and follow Tahnees journey over on her Instagram.


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Image credits: Tahnee Pinches




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