Founders story


"My absolute joy is enriching and bringing beauty into peoples lives through a love of luxurious textiles, colour, pattern, design and travel. My bedding is designed to give you an extraordinary sensory experience through these elements." Mehera 

 Mehera Rowan - Creative Director and Founder

Creative Director and Paradise Road Founder, Mehera Rowan is a passionate traveller, relentless creative and an advocate for the preservation of artisan craft. She brings her impeccable eye for style and global textile experience to every element of Paradise Road.

“I have been surrounded by exotic fabrics and artefacts since I was born. My family had an antique business and it was a big part of my life growing up. I grew up with a wondrous collection of carpets and fabric that would sing to me with the spirit of exotic locations and adventures to far-flung places.

A trip to India when I was 12 years old ignited my own passion for travel and I have been exploring ever since, endlessly inspired by the richness of colour and culture in our beautiful world.

Paradise Road is a culmination of this journey through culture, travel, collecting and creativity that expresses my deep love for colour, pattern, textiles, and the stories they tell.

I’d love you to come on this journey with me. I’m sure you will embrace and delight in these designs as they bring beauty and a sense of artful living to your space.”