Mehera's Memoir Into Paradise

We all have a memoir of experiences, impressions and memories that have guided us to where we are today and what we do.
Colours and patterns have always been my most striking recollections, henceforth the birth of my business, Paradise Road. An evolution of a life-long passion and synergy for colour, textiles, design, travelling and seeking roads less travelled to ignite my imagination.

1973, my parents owned an Indian handicraft store called East - West Bazaar in Balmain, a harbourside suburb on a peninsula west of central Sydney. Balmain, a visionary place at the time for the creative, experimental and spiritual life. As a newborn, my domain was the store floor, absorbing my surroundings: fabrics, vibrant colours and Indian artefacts. These first impressions carry power, assisting my passions and life path.
East - West Bazaar, Balmain, 1973. My parents, Peter and Leigh in their creative spirit.
A family journey to India, aged 12, amplified these initial powerful impressions and created Paradise Road's business foundations.
Day 1 in India, I distinctly remember my jaw being on the ground as all my senses were overwhelmed..... the smell of sweet incense and spices drifting through the vibrant laneways..... the intense colour of street life harmonising with the Gods..... the scent of sweet cardamom chai, and refreshing mango lassi..... the humidity and viscosity of the air on your skin over the barren landscape..... and the eternal hum of life, never silenced. What a visual splendour of existence it was that unfolded before my eyes. Each breath heightening my existing impressions to the next level of intoxication.
Colourful laneways of Jaipur, Rajisthan, 1992, Mehera, aged 12, 1986, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India.
Returning home, this impressionable experience merged with my daily life. My father Peter, was an antique dealer with an impressive personal collection of textiles, carpets, Indian and Asian artefacts, blended with Victorian furniture adorning our house. These definitive details lived on an island in my mind like grains of golden sand.

From 1994 on I spent 12 years living in London. There I gained my professional foundations and certifications. I trained firstly at the University of the Arts London- Central Saint Martins and then achieved my BA (Hons) Degree at University of the Arts London - Wimbledon School of Art with extensive studies in film, sculpture, art and textile history where I received first class honours. My deep seated impressions were starting to pave a creative career path!
Installation interpretation life sculpt of 'Hanuman the Hindu Monkey God', communicating his story of strength, loyalty and devotion in the Hindu epic, 'The Ramayana'. Mehera at Wimbledon School of Art, aged 28.
Life sculpt interpretation in clay of Sadhu Hanuman, cast in concrete and pigment, graphite finishes. Hand-created costume jewellery
After graduating from Art School, I went to work in the film and tv industry. Namely in the creature effects department on Harry Potter 3 - Prisoner of Azkaban, a part of the feathering team for the creation of Buckbeak, the hippogriff and Harry Potter 4 - Goblet of Fire. I furthered my career working on Brothers Grimm, Superman Returns and Survivor, in the sculpting and props department.
Feathering Buckbeak, Harry Potter 3, 'Prisoner of Azkaban'. Buckbeak on set in Scotland. 
Travel has always been the bright spark flowing through me. I have been lucky enough to travel throughout India, Indonesia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Polynesia and the Caribbean. Like my Father I collected textiles and the unusual object d'art from wherever I visited, indulging in cultural history and stories of these discoveries.
Croatia, 2004
In 2007 I returned to Australia. Byron Bay became my home with my husband, Viren and his two girls, Layla and Malia. I had literally struck a pot of golden sands, my roads past travelled lead me to my beautiful paradise home, Byron Bay. In this new vibrant and peaceful landscape, my creative mind was being stoked, free to think and feel, express and apply. The concept of Paradise Road Byron Bay was born.
My paradise home with Viren
My purpose for Paradise Road became clear, to create a sensory experience through colour, pattern, cultural storytelling and travel and your unique relationship to each element. Within the medium of textiles, within the context of your bedroom sanctuary, being your most private space and a spiritual zone of inner and self expression. 
It has been my life's journey to bring all the colours of our beautiful world to you in a range of one-of-a-kind, hand-tailored luxurious bedding. Each piece becomes your story and a rare treasure that reflects you and your roads less travelled, evoked from your inner paradise sanctuary and knowing who you are and what you love.
Thank you for coming on this extraordinary adventure with me......each waking moment and step is a blessing.
Mehera xxx
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Paradise Road Byron Bay ' Heart of the Rose Bedding Collection', one-of-a-kind textile compositions, duvet and pillowcase sets.

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  • My dearest childhood friend never ceases to amaze and delight us with her talents and hard work. I’m not surprised at all that Mehera created such a beautiful and inspired business through her love of textiles and design. What a wonderful lifelong friend, family and community member you are. Making life more fabulous wherever you go! Xoxo

    Freni on
  • A most inspiring story Mehera. A journey though a beautiful paradise of creativity . What a wonderful life. And now how fortunate we are that you share it with others with your beautiful collections .

    Leigh Rowan on

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