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Meet Tiffany Adcock and Luke McGowen, avid travellers, collectors and passionate creators behind Byron Bay's globally curated Interiors Store, Bodhi Living.

Born from a shared love of design, culture and composing memorable and meaningful spaces.

Bodhi Living is a beautifully curated collection of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture, homewares, rugs and lighting. Inspiring and creating interiors with form and function, beauty and soul.

Tiffany and Luke share their journey, concept and vision for Bodhi Living and Interior Styling tips for the Christmas season.

Heartening you to discover and compose the spirit and soul of your own home.



 Tell us a bit about yourself

Bodhi Living was brought to life by Luke and my shared love of design, interiors, traveling the world and curating memorable and meaningful experiences.

Growing up I always had a keen eye for putting spaces together and studying interior designs going through school. Luke worked for a large furniture company for 6 years with a natural talent for interiors and sales.

We always knew we wanted to open our own showroom one day; sharing and expanding on our vision of creating environments that are sophisticated and

filled with personality.

Three words to best describe yourself

Intrepid, tenacious, passionate

Three words to best describe Bodhi Living

Meaningful, Inspired, authentic

 You are a talented creator - What was your source of inspiration for the concept and vision for Bodhi Living?

We believe a home reflects who you are and the process of finding meaningful, curated pieces that showcase your own personal style,

this is extremely important when creating spaces one can connect with.

When conceptualizing Bodhi Living, we not only wanted to ‘transport’ our clients to other realms, but also connect with them through our personalised offering for them individually.

We nurture the process of turning a house into a home and strive to help create environments instilled with character and meaning. 


Your favourite Paradise Road duvet cover and pillowcase set and why ?

The 'Ikat Marigold Sun' duvet cover and pillowcase set has to be one of our favourites.

The vibrancy and warmth of the orange and the subtleness of the intricate pattern create a warm and luxurious feel whilst still being fun and appropriate for Summer.

What more could you want for your bedroom!


What are the most important qualities you look for when sourcing one-off artisan pieces?

We look for character, beauty and quality in everything we source.

Understanding that each piece – particularly within our antique range has their own unique story to tell, imbued with the richness of a past life.

We also cherish the process of building strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that we understand and value their ethics as well as learning the stories and origins of each piece that becomes part of our collection at Bodhi Living.

How have your travels around the globe influenced Bodhi Living?

By opening our eyes and hearts to the power of our senses and the imprint each country has made on us.

Whether it be the colour palette and architecture of India, the sounds of a ceremony in Indonesia, or the smells of a Moroccan Souk.

We are constantly inspired by the vibrancy and richness of all the countries and cultures of our travels and we are continually taking inspiration from the spirit of a place we have visited and strive to adopt this into the showroom and our design style.


 What would your top 3 styling pieces be to have in your home?

A sofa that is comfy enough to sleep on, a rug that you love so much you consider to be part of your soul

and a big artwork that represents who you are. 


 What are your top tips for curating and styling a beautiful home ?

Our approach starts with considered pieces that evoke memories, reflect personality and bring warmth into a home.

It is also important to pay homage to the environment your space exists in and consider the functionality of every element.

What is your favourite space in the home to style?

The living room; this is where we spend the most time and often share with our friends and family when hosting.

It is important for it to be a space that resonates and reflects who you are, but also a comfortable, calming space where you really feel at home. 


Your three top tips for styling Paradise Road’s 'Okavango Delta' hand copper-block printed bedding set with Bodhi Living’s unique global pieces?

We adore this gorgeous King bedding set, 'Okavango Delta', with its natural browns and giraffe pattern, creating a sense of peace and tranquility.

Styling this set we would pair it with one of our one-off antique trunks at the end of the bed, a tan leather safari chair in the corner and some greenery on the bedside to play into the feeling and essence of going on a

safari journey.  


What are some ways to style and create a sense of paradise and relaxation in the bedroom this Christmas?

We are loving earthy hues of tobacco, ochres and moss coloured sheets (sometimes mixed together) to ground you, yet add the warmth needed for a bedroom setting.

Adding greenery to your bedroom is also a must to inject life and maintain your overall balance. 


What elements for you, bring and create a great Christmas vibe into your home?

Nothing says Christmas more than a real life Christmas tree that becomes the focal piece of your home.

The process of decorating the tree allows for creativity and connection with your loved ones and brings life into the home for the Christmas period.

That and lots of Christmas cooking!

Merry Christmas for the festive season and thank you for reading. 

We hope you are feeling inspired by Bodhi Living's captivating journey and to explore your own creativity, visualising your dream home interiors. 

This season we offer you a head start, connecting you with Bodhi Living's considered pieces that evoke memories, reflect your personality and bring warmth into your home, instilled with character and meaning.

 Paradise Road'sOkavango Delta’ hand copper-block printed King bedding set and pillowcase separate wIll be on display - on sale at Bodhi Living throughout the festive season. An enchanted safari print, inspired by the oasis wilderness of the Okavango Delta in Northern Botswana, Africa.

Visit Bodhi Living's showroom to find rare Christmas gifts for yourself, friends and family that will nurture the soul and home.

Byron Bay Industrial Estate - Shop 1-2/18 Centennial circuit

Byron Bay, 2481 NSW

 or view their website: https://bodhiliving.com.au

Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/bodhi.living/?hl=en

 Have a question? E-mail us or get in touch over Instagram @paradiseroadbyronbay .


























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