Follow the Moon, Stars and Sun In The Extraordinary Art Prints by Geney Crump - The Artist Behind Seek Love Keep

The Artist Behind Seek Love Keep

  I have been longing for and am thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview Geney Crump, the inspiring creative behind Seek Love Keep.

Geney is a Sydney based multi-disciplinary Graphic Designer and Artist, and currently freelancing under Sloane Design as a Visual Designer. 

She created Seek Love Keep as a creative side project, with the aspiration that you will 

Seek Love and Keep her designs.

Geney's unique design prints are inspired by her Lebanese heritage, artists of past, cultural history, stories, music and the enchantment of the

Moon, Stars and Sun.


Tell us a bit about yourself 

I was born Eugenie, though that was too hard for people to pronounce, so Geney (pronounced Jenny) was what it became. Geney is still too hard for most people too!

My parents were immigrants from Lebanon, they had my sister and I here in Australia. My mum is and always will be my biggest influence on the woman I am today. 

I have lived my whole life here in Australia, other than the few small stints overseas, from Miami to London. Travel is a bug you only get once and one I am glad I caught!

I have many moon’s of experience in the creative and graphic design industry. Currently, I am working as a Visual Design Director, fancy words for branding and graphic design.

My side gig, Seek Love Keep, was born from my want to share some of my personal art designs, and as a creative outlet. A dear friend convinced me to put my prints out there, I did and continue to try and share my art.

Sometimes I find it hard to share pieces, as I never really think that I have finished them.

My favourite role though, is being a mum to my two beautiful kind girls and my always hungry, furry dog. I cant wait for us to be able to travel again, and take the girls to places we have talked about together. Places both my husband and I have travelled together to and places we would like to explore all together as a family.

I am constantly learning new things and love that influences and inspiration can come from the most crazy places, and from the most mundane things.

Three words to best describe yourself

Passionate. Dreamy. Curious.

 You are a talented designer and artist - What’s your source of inspiration for your designs?

What a lovely thing to say, thank you.

Oh, so many things inspire me.

History, stories and music. The Moon, Stars and Sun.

History, for the past artists and their work, and how the past shapes and influences our vision in the present and in some cases influence the future. 

Also, my own history and culture play a big role. Also stories, as they always inspire me whether they be myth, fact or fiction!.

I did say I was a dreamy person, and I get lost in stories.

Music is one of my strongest inspirations, as it transports me to those places only that sound or lyric can ignite in me. Music always puts me in a space to be creative.

Visually, the Moon, Stars and Sun,

for the beauty and balance they bring me daily.



 Your favourite Paradise Road pillowcase set and why ?

The blues and orange in Blush Sunflower are the perfect fit for our home.

This was the natural choice for me, although it was a difficult one to pick a real favourite, as I could have them all.

Blush Sunflower is like little fireworks on your pillow with pops of colour that radiate happy energy.

Just what the bedroom calls for, happiness on a pillow.



 What are the most influential and important aspects of your artworks to you ?

The most important part is that people can relate to my art in their own way, almost like the images/symbols tell a story or invoke a certain feeling.

There are obvious cue’s in my art, I love when someone tells me they see something else, that I may not have seen or felt.

You will see a lot of balance and harmony. I play a lot with duality and beauty.

Mostly, you will find that the Moon, Sun and Stars make an appearance along with the feminine representation.

I have yet to draw a masculine figure.

 What are your top tips for styling your artworks in the home? 

 No real tips – I am a big believer in “you do you”.

I have such an eclectic style, and will try things that might not work. Sometimes that sticks, other times it lasts a minute before I change it. I guess I prefer going with how something makes me feel, rather than a look.

My taste in art varies, as does my home styling.

Though, my only real tip would probably be, place art where you want to enjoy it the most. I have one of my favourite pieces facing the kitchen, so that I can look at it while I am making dinner.

Treat the art like a window that you are looking out of. 



 Your favourite space in the home to style?

 The living room is certainly my favourite space in the home, as it is the place we are all together most of the time, and it holds all the stories and memories of people and laughter. 

Not to mention all the books, all the trinkets that I have collected over the years, the family photos on the piano and all the cushions on the couch, to my husbands horror.



How would you describe your printing process?

All my art is currently printed with a print method called Giclee. 

This is a beautiful way to get the prettiest and vibriant colours, on all the beautiful papers you can select from.



Your three top tips for styling Paradise Road’s hand copper-block printed bedding patterns with unique artworks like yours?

The blue and orange in Blush Sunflower work so well with my art’s colour palette.

Though, I try and find a balance between the colours in my art and harmony in the shapes in both the art and bedding.

Another thing I do, is keep the frame of the art plain so to not clash with the beautiful print on the Paradise Road bedding. 

The last tip would be to introduce flowers in a neutral vase, this helps tie it all together and is also another way to add a little more joy to the bedroom.

What are some ways to style and create a sense of paradise and relaxation in the bedroom ?

Always a made bed, with the nicest sheets and cover, soft pillows are an absolute must, and lots of them.

I have a problem collecting cushions and pillows. Let’s not forget dimmed lighting and the scent of a candle.

Currently my candle is Gardenia.

 Where do you currently exhibit and sell your prints

My website is getting a revamp at present,

You can email or send me a message on Instagram

 The other place you can get my prints and cards from is


Thank you for reading.  

We have loved sharing with you Geney's extraordinary creative design visions, imbued with the power and beauty of the Moon, Stars and Sun.

And that you have been inspired and empowered to find your own inner feelings of balance and harmony in your daily life and

being a believer in "you do you" is the most potent ingredient

to your own creativity.

 Have a question? E-mail us or get in touch over Instagram @paradiseroadbyronbay .




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