Styling Tips with Design Psychologist Hoda Jaludi


It was an absolute delight to interview Hoda Jaludi, the creative behind Karama, a holistic home décor business inspired by design psychology. 

Hoda is head Holistic Designer and Founder of Karama, New York and a certified Design Psychologist, expert Interior Designer and holds a BA in Psychology.

We discover what inspires Hoda along with her top styling tips to create a sense of paradise at home.


  Tell us a bit about yourself 

I was born and raised in New York Metro area, I have an Arabian heritage.

Growing up, I was always into designing, anything creative I would choose it over playing with dolls. My family had an embroidery factory so I would watch my family work together to create a business.

I believe my love of textiles and Entrepreneurship came from there. I remember I would create paper flowers and sit in front of the building to try to sell them, but because I suffered from social anxiety I was never able to actually sell anything.

But that still didnt stop me from designing. I knew I wanted my designs to describe me but also have a purpose to them. The style I created was Modern Arabesque, combining my Arabian heritage with my Western upbringing.

 Three words to best describe yourself

Creative, driven, and innovator.


 Your favourite Paradise Road set? 

'Dhyan Ikat' Duvet cover and pillowcase set.

I love the classic color combo for this with the timeless pattern. 

You are a talented lady – combining your passion for interior design and psychology into your holistic home décor business, Karama. Whats your source of inspiration?

Thank you so much. My inspiration is my Father (God rest his soul). He always encouraged me to follow my dreams. He suffered from a mental illness, he was the reason why I got a degree in Psychology.

I wanted to understand his mind better because growing up was really hard on all of us. After I received my degree in Psychology, I still wanted to continue my passion for designing. Being creative was my way to escape lifes difficulties. I started many businesses from photography, event planning, art and then eventually the business I have today - Karama. Which combines my love for everything I did prior.

I then got my certification in Interior Design but I still wanted to help people. It was then that I found Design Psychology and became a certified expert. The journey was long but Im so glad I finally was able to combine all my passions into one platform.


 How have your travels around the globe influenced your designs? 

My designs are inspired by my travels.

Since I grew up in a small one bedroom apartment, I would always imagine how big the rest of the world would be. The travel bug bit me at a young age. As soon as I was able to travel I knew I wanted to share my stories through my designs.

I loved capturing the moments in my photographs which I use as art prints. I also met amazing artisans that create beautiful pieces that I also add to my shop.

Your favourite space in the home to style?

My gallery wall behind my couch in the living room is my favorite spot! When I look at my art prints Im suddenly transported to the moment I captured it or designed it. Thats what I hope my customers feel when they purchase them!.



Please give us insight into your understanding of colour psychology and how this can be applied in home décor? 

Color Psychology is so important for your well-being! Each color has an effect on your mind and body. For example, green is the most comforting color for your eyes. Biologically speaking its because most of nature is green.

When we gaze on natures beauty it will physically and psychologically calm you! Of course Im not saying everyone should paint their house green but adding in elements in your home that bring comfort to you, Is important to your well-being.

What are some ways to style and create a sense of paradise in the bedroom?

Creating a paradise in your bedroom is important. We spend a third of our lives sleeping.

Some ways that might help, are choosing the right fabrics that are soothing on your skin.

Pick colors and patterns that make you smile, add elements from nature and bring in aromatherapy to help relax you into a good nights sleep.



Your three top tips for styling vibrant and patterned bedding, like Paradise Road's bedding sets?

1. Break the pattern by adding solid color pillows, it is easier on your eyes and gives your bed more texture.

2. Add in artwork that matches the bedding. For example, if you have fun yellow bedding that has a touch of blue pattern, then add blue artwork. This will make the room look more cohesive. 

3. Matching flowers and plants is something fun to add to your room. Seeing something fresh and living is a great way to help you feel better when you wake up. Go to your local flower shop and choose flowers that match the colors of your bedding.

It is also a great way to treat yourself!


We hope you are feeling inspired to get styling and creative in your home. Thank you for reading.

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