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Cottage by the Coast

 Meet Christine, Primary School teacher by day and interior stylist at all other times! Her passion for styling is inspirational and we have absolutely loved getting to know her better.

Christine has just purchased a new home and we are excited to watch her journey of styling it up. Read on for her top styling tips to create your own slice of paradise.


 Tell us a bit about yourself 

I actually work full time as a Primary School teacher, teaching Prep! But my passion for interiors has been a strong interest of mine for as long as I can remember.

Mum says that as a toddler I used to style my own bookshelf and got grumpy whenever she tried to rearrange it! She knew from that moment I liked things to be a particular way. I was obsessed with going to Open Homes as a kid (weird?!) and spent most of my money as a teen on decorating my bedroom.

When we bought our first home almost 4 years ago, I set up an Instagram account to connect with like-minded people and share my journey. Through that platform, I began styling for businesses all over Australia and the world from the comfort of my home! It keeps me busy on the weekends and school holidays, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Three words to best describe yourself

Determined – I have always been super goal driven and ambitious, even when I was told things weren’t possible. It just made me more determined to prove them wrong (so maybe slightly stubborn too haha)

Simple – I’m a less is more kind of girl outside of my home styling. Walks on the beach, bike rides, nature walks with my pups and board game nights with friends is my ideal way to spend my time.

Kind – I’m a stickler for my students at school treating each other with respect and kindness and endeavour to lead by example. There can never be too much kindness in the world!    

Styling by Christine - Cottage by the Ocean, Paradise Road 'Winter Jasmine' pillowcase set


 Your favourite Paradise Road Pillowcase Set and why? 

The White Jasmine Pillowcase Set has to be my favourite, but it was a tough choice!

The lilac tones have been super popular this season and it pairs beautifully with mustard and rattan.

You are a talented stylist – what’s your source of inspiration?

Firstly, thank you so much! There is so much talent out there, that it is hard not to find inspiration on a daily basis.

Instagram is my go-to source of inspo. I also love Pinterest for more specific ideas I have in mind. Particularly as we plan our renovations for our new home we move into very soon.


Your favourite space in the home to style?

Definitely our master bedroom!

It is so easy to change the look of a room, simply by tweaking your colour palette with different sheets, pillow cases, quilt covers and cushions.

I often go one step further and move the rugs in the house between rooms too… much to my fiancé’s dismay, because he knows he will be doing the heavy lifting!

What are some ways to create a sense of relaxation, retreat and paradise in the bedroom?

For starters, great bedding!

I also love the look of rugs in the bedroom, as well as a pendant beside the bed. We recently wallpapered behind our bed in a beige palm tree print, and it has really upped that relaxed, paradise feel when you step inside.



   Your three top tips for styling vibrant and patterned bedding, like Paradise Road?

1. Let your beautiful Paradise Road bedding be the hero by reducing other patterned prints in the room. Instead, opt for block colours.

2. Compliment your bedding choice by taking just a couple of the colours to tie elsewhere into the room, like bedside table ornaments, artwork and cushions.

3. Style with a chunky throw blanket in the cooler months to give your Paradise Road bedding that cosy winter feel.

How to add instant holiday vibes to any space?

With the hustle and bustle of busy living, it’s important to me to come home to a place where I can instantly relax in my little slice of paradise.

Lots of soft furnishings, raw textures like wood, seagrass, bamboo and coastal, bohemian prints help to create the holiday feel.


We hope you are feeling inspired to get styling and creative in your home. Thank you for reading.

Learn more and follow Christine’s journey over on her Instagram @cottagebythecoast

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