Spring Cleaning Motivational and Organisational Tips With Hannah Barclay



I had the delight of interviewing the lovely Brisbane based Hannah Barclay from Hlb home, an inspiring motivational cleaning and organisational creative.
Hannah's tips for home decor, organisational and motivational cleaning will give you lots of great ideas for freshening up your home this Spring.
Each Spring cleaning change you make, will bring a ray of sunshine into your life, helping you to create serene harmonious spaces for you to rest and enjoy.
 Tell us a bit about yourself
Being creative is a part of who I am and has come in many different forms over the years.
From drawing and painting as a child to writing 100s of songs and even finishing a novel in my teen years.

Now that I’m a mum and life is busy, I find my creative outlet in my home by organising and decorating. Taking photos and videos is something else I love, so one day I decided to tie it all together and that’s when I started my Instagram, Hlb-home.

It has been such an incredible journey, where I can create and share what I’m passionate about with others and also meet some amazing people along the way.

I’m currently a stay at home mum with my little boy, Finn. These moments are a dream and I am so thankful everyday for this experience.

Growing up I spent a lot of time at the beach, especially at Currumbin Creek on the Gold Coast and that’s where my love of blue comes from. To me it is calming, just like the water. My mum also would decorate our home in blues and always make sure the house was clean.

She is one of my biggest inspirations. 

 Three words to best describe yourself.  

Intuitive. Imaginative. Nurturing. 



Your favourite Springtime Paradise Road bedding set or pillowcase set and why?  

Paradise Road offers so many gorgeous patterns and colours, but I was really drawn to the blue and purple blend of ‘Starburst’.

There’s something so whimsical about it and I really love that.


What is your source of inspiration for organising spaces?  

I draw inspiration from everywhere.

In every moment of life there is something inspiring to be found. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to be inspired for home and organising content.

There’s so many amazing homes out there.



Your favourite space in the home to organise and style this Spring?  

There’s nothing I love more than a serene bedroom in the springtime.

Curtains open, letting in the rays of sunshine and the fresh air coming in through the windows. A change of bedding, of colours, and creating a relaxing atmosphere makes bedrooms one of my favourite rooms to style and organise.

I find a clean and organised room the best for a good night sleep.



Once you have organised a space, what is your best method to keep it organised?

Once a space is organised, it’s so much easier and quicker to keep it clean.

Life is messy and homes are meant to be lived in, which means sometimes things get a little crazy. Organising just cuts down the time it takes to get everything back in order, as you know instantly where everything goes.

It helps to keep you from feeling overwhelmed as well.

 What is your best motivational cleaning tip ?

My best tip would be to just start!

Starting is always the hardest part, but once you do you gain that momentum and you’re off!. With cleaning the motivation can be lacking, so this is a little trick I use when I have none. It always works.

 What are some ways to create a sense of relaxation, retreat and paradise in the bedroom?  

For the ultimate sense of relaxation in the bedroom, there’s nothing like a cosy blanket with luxurious linens, warmth from your favourite candle and comfy pillows to lay your head on.

Keeping the room free of clutter and clean does wonders to help you relax. Is there anything more soothing than getting into bed with freshly washed, soft sheets after a long day?



Your three top tips for styling vibrant and patterned bedding, like Paradise Road’s and what complementing pieces

would you choose to create an organised harmonious space?

 When styling with my ‘Starburst’ pillowcases, I selected one of the colours of this beautiful pattern to continue onto the rest of the bedding.

This keeps things uniform and also helps to make the other colours, in this case purple, truly pop!

 Use plump pillows for that full, luxurious look and add a neutral throw at the end of the bed to break up the colours a little bit. 

 Lighting is key too! Let that natural sunlight in and get some colour-changing light bulbs for your lamps at night.



How to add instant springtime vibes to any space? 

Sunshine is always the ultimate vibe!

Fresh, bright colours bought in from linen or cushions. Plants or flowers to accent the space.

And a spring inspired scent to fill up the room.


Thank you for reading.

Spring is in the air and it's time to get motivated and dust out the old and bring a fresh perspective into your home, we hope you are feeling inspired by Hannah's uplifting organisational tips.

Learn more and follow Hannah's journey over on her Instagram.


Have a question? E-mail us or get in touch over Instagram @paradiseroadbyronbay






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